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Innovative, immersive, attention-generating: More and more brands use the power of 360° marketing campaigning to establish a one-of-a-kind differentiation point. 

In a world of incessant, 24/7, non-stop audiovisual stimulation, its getting harder and harder to focus on one thing, one environment, one experience at a time. However, it is virtual reality that does offer the unique opportunity to escape from a crowded market to a world where the brand of interest comes to life. This is why, thanks to a technological offering, realistic representation, vividness and interactivity, we currently witness a breathtaking transformation of everything we knew about marketing. Suddenly, customers have the freedom to focus on one brand in an instant and to discover nuances that no other medium could ever reveal. Suddenly the customer becomes a digital explorer and the marketing campaign itself a visual adventure.

Take a look at the following eye-opening 360° campaigns. Each of them can be considered a milestone for their industry. 

1. Zeiss Interactive VR Showcase

At the ESCRS 2016, an ophthalmological congress held in Copenhagen, ZEISS created a meeting point for ophthalmology, technology and stunning aesthetics. In cooperation with the agencies Demodern and Publicis Pixelpark they developed a VR installation that invited the headset wearer on a trip through several galaxies, each one representing a different lens and built on high-definition macro-photographs of the human eye. In that way, visitors could interactively discover more about the plethora of ZEISS intraocular lenses; And in that way, the ZEISS showcase became a memorable experience for investors and interested parties at an internationally renowned congress.
Both medically informative and unspeakably beautiful, this experience is an outstanding example for an astonishing portfolio presentation.

2. The Art of Patrón

In 2015, Patrón, known best for its finest handcrafted tequila, collaborated with the digital agency firstborn in order to open the doors to the Patrón Hacienda distillery by launching a 360° video tour of their unique product’s journey. Starting in the sunny fields of the delicate blue agave plant in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, a journey full of history, heritage and passion unfolds right in front of the viewer’s eyes. Moreover, the video couldn’t be more authentic since one can even meet the actual team of Hacienda Patrón while moving through the traditional distillery. In particular, the campaign’s innovative differentiation point lies in the perspective it offers: Once you put on the headset you see the world through the eyes of a bee diving into a world of intense sounds, colors and flavors. By using the latest VR technology, Patrón eventually offered customers its most intimate treasure, their very own story.

3. The Marriott Teleporter

From the Mexican valleys to London or Maui: It was only a matter of time for the travel industry to realize the potential VR technology holds. However, it was Marriott Hotels that pushed the limits of tourism even further by working together with Relevent and  Framestore VR Studio  to create a ground-breaking innovation: the Teleporter, the heart of Marriott’s Travel Brilliantly campaign. What at first sight resembles a science-fiction portal is in fact a sensational experience which transports you to Wai’anapanapa Beach in Maui or to the top of Tower 42 in London. Heat, wind, scent… the virtual environment has got it all thanks to pneumatic pumps embedded in the booth’s floor, misting nozzles in the walls, heat fans in the ceiling and floor, and even a ‘scent dispenser’.

In cooperation with Framestore VR Studio Marriott Hotels were the first to dare the combination of photorealistic CGI, 3D 360 video and 4D sensory elements. The result? Over one billion media and social media impressions, according to the creative experience agency Relevent responsible for the concept and development.

And there is more! The campaign also includes an experience called VRoom-Service, which allows Marriott Hotel customers to comfortably order their next travel destination virtually, while enjoying their stay.

From medicine to travel: 360° video marketing campaigns share the element of thrilling innovation, despite their different industry backgrounds. The same applies to a field which one would not usually associate with technological advancements: fashion.

4. “Mixed Reality” Fashion Show by Martine Jarlgaard

What designer Martine Jarlgaard dared is unprecedented: During the London Fashion Week in September 2016 she presented her collection by pairing augmented and virtual reality. Thanks to the holographic mixed reality experience provided by the agency DoubleMe, visitors wore the headset and immediately found themselves in the middle of a digital runway. Never have fashion lovers and potential buyers been that close to any other collection before.

 It is clear that immersive technology has one distinctive benefit: It shortens distances. No campaign could illustrate that more profoundly then the next one:

5. Samsung – Be Fearless Of Public Speaking

Shattering the fear of public speaking is a challenge numerous people face every day. This is why Samsung and the marketing company Cheil came up with #BeFearless  for their campaign “Launching People”. Leaning on research findings which indicate that constant exposure to one’s fears leads to overcoming them eventually, the app transports you into scenarios like job interviews or presentations. There you are called to steadily, level by level, develop your social skills. Interestingly, one can always track her progress over time. By that, Samsung contributes to a new way of science research, positioning itself as a brand that focuses on technology’s human touch.

 Undoubtedly, virtual reality and 360° videos are game-changers in the art of creating marketing campaigns. And we are the lucky ones, being the first to witness how the art of brand communication and advertising morphs into an immersive, adventurous experience. How listening to a story evolves into actually living it. 

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