The innovative ad format

360° video banners
for desktop, mobile
& virtual reality

Compatible with all established publishers and ad platforms.


Integrate with any ad platform

360° VR banner

Get up to 85% engagement with immersive 360° video ads.

With our HTML5 ad format you can deliver your 360° content on any exchange or ad network. Try it out here on the right!

The latest market studies show that 360° ad formats can achieve an ad engagement of up to 33% on desktop and up to 85% on mobile.


How it works

virtual reality advertise
Create assets

Send us your 360° video content.
Send us your graphic assets.

virtual reality monetize

Choose your ad banner format.
Add hotspots and interactivity.

virtual reality analize

Integrate with your ad platform.
Analyze campaign performance.


Bring customers closer to your brand than ever before.

Exchange advertising for experiences.

stereosesense combines the reach of
established publishers with a completely new format.

All screens

Mobile, Desktop & VR

Our in-house 360° player makes completely new ad experiences within the browser and in VR possible.

Ad Standards

Customizable Formats

stereosense enables the serving of 360° content on desktop & mobile websites as standard ad banners.

Virtual Reality

On publishers websites

Users can switch to VR Cardboard mode with just one click without ever leaving a publishers' website.

Bring your 360° brand content to life!

If you are an advertiser, reach out to us to see how we can help you in promoting your 360° video to a targeted audience.
If you are a publisher, get in touch to find out how we can help you increase CPMs with engaging 360° ad banners.

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