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A limited number of apps and brands receive an invitation to the closed beta.

Enabling immersive brand advertising in virtual reality

stereosense is the first European virtual reality advertising network, providing a technological infrastructure that enables brands to be effectively integrated in virtual reality experiences, while helping developers monetize their VR applications.

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Don’t miss out on positioning your brand on the most exciting technology platform out there. Reach your audience in a novel immersive way.

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Drive revenue from your virtual reality apps while delivering a quality user experience. Get access to the broadest scope of brands.

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Track ad performance, costs and earnings at all times. Gain insights into your data through a deep range of KPIs on our analytics dashboards.

A novel type of immersive, engaging, compelling, riveting, mesmerizing, enveloping sensory experience.


Grow your business with 3 lines of code.

Our lightweight SDK is easy to integrate and will open up a new realm of possibilities. It is designed for effective monetization and includes everything you need to start growing your business. Define key moments in the user’s experience to display immersive stereoscopic ads.

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stereosense enables developers to monetize their apps by delivering immersive brand experiences for users, which blend seamlessly with the app. You can generate revenue while pushing for high user engagement. With stereosense, you can manage, track and optimize results.


Increasing the visibility of your VR app on app stores is often the key difference between its notoriety and anonymity. Drive higher installs and user quality by promoting your app through stereosense’s app network and get embedded on designated discovery sections.


Step into a new advertising frontier.

Undivided attention like never before. Connect with your audience through immersive experiences and dynamically deploy your adverts on stereosense’s app network. VR offers a completely new medium to unlock consumer emotions in the moment by enabling them to interact with your brand in a natural experiential way.

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Our SDK Network will get you access to hundreds of VR apps around the world. Comprised entirely of direct publishers of virtual reality content, stereosense’s network offers advertisers access to a global audience at scale.


Choose between integrating your own premium stereoscopic ads or use our proprietary ad generator to create a customized VR experience for your brand and distribute it over our vast global app network.

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All the metrics you need to improve

Whether developer or advertiser, our integrated data management and analytics platform allows you to securely track and store first-party data for retargeting, negative targeting, and audience analysis. Discover a predefined set of KPIs in our tailor-made dashboard and streamline reports for continuous optimization.

- Marc Simons, Co-Founder of Giant Spoon

“We’ve identified virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality as a new frontier for our clients. This is the reality. When these devices start reaching a massive audience, we need to start preparing for it.”

Co-Founder of Giant Spoon
- Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO of Facebook

“This is really a new communication platform. By feeling truly present, you can share unbounded spaces and experiences with the people in your life. Imagine sharing not just moments with your friends online, but entire experiences and adventures.”

- John McCrea, CMO of Media Spike

“Integration of brands into this new medium will create some of the most compelling and effective digital advertising ever, because it will be immersive and experiential.”

- Clay Bavor, VP of Virtual Reality, Google

“VR is too important and too powerful a medium to be accessible to only a few. (...) The world is filled with all of these awesome place like Great Barrier Reefs and Golden Gate Bridges and mountain tops but you can't quite go back there.”

- Mitch Gelman, VP of product, Gannett Digital

“We’re creating native ad opportunities within the VR. It is a perception changer for us, a newspaper company, and a perception changer for any advertiser that wants to associate with a new frontier in media.”

- Richard Marks, Director of PlayStation Magic Lab, Sony

“The biggest misconception about VR is that it’s an isolating technology. But you won’t be alone in these virtual worlds.”


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